Pritzker Reunion

About Us

The University of Chicago Medical & Biological Sciences Alumni Association (UChicago MBSAA) is made up of degree holders from the Pritzker School of Medicine, the Division of the Biological Sciences, and current and former residents, fellows, postdoctoral scholars, and faculty of the . Our mission is to support the University of Chicago by providing activities that engage alumni in the life of the school.

9,000+ Alumni
Our alumni hold an MD from the Pritzker School of Medicine, an SM or PhD from the Division of the Biological Sciences, or both.
1,742 Cities
While the majority are in Chicago, our alumni live and work in a number of cities across the country and around the world.
70 Percent
More than two thirds of our alumni are actively involved through attending events, making gifts, and volunteering their time.
$4 Million
Each year, our generous alumni support programs, research, scholarships, and financial aid at Pritzker, the BSD, and UChicago Medicine.

On Saturday, September 14, alumni joined us for a guided tour of the Marine Biological Laboratory, dedicated to the biological and environmental sciences.


Alumni Brunch and
Guided Tour at NYC MoMA

Experience the Museum of Modern Art like you never have before. Explore the newly expanded MoMA with a professional art historian without the crowds of the general public.


Alumni Reception and
Performance at SFJAZZ

Join us for a show at the SFJAZZ center—the first stand-alone structure in the nation built specifically for jazz—featuring the Jack DeJohnette Trio with Ravi Coltraine and Matthew Garrison.



在线免费观看Whether you would like to come back to campus or seek opportunities closer to home, there are numerous ways to get involved that fit every interest. Explore these possibilities.

Help a Student
Play a role in preparing today's Pritzker and BSD students for their future careers.
Plan Your Reunion
Combine your attendance at Reunion with volunteer activities that contribute to its overall success.
Be a Leader
Leadership opportunities help shape the strategic direction of the University.
Share an Update
Let us know what you’ve been up to by sharing a life or career update.
Recognize a Peer
Honor your fellow alumni by nominating them for a prestigious alumni award.
Attend an Event
Catch up with your classmates at exclusive MBSAA cultural events in a city near you.


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